…aka: the comedy/sketch crew that call themselves the “Harvard Sailing Team.” Not affiliated with the actual school whatsoever.

If you’re in need of some humor, watch this. They’ve been rolling out some the funniest videos I’ve seen on youtube since following them for the past couple of years.

So dang funny.

this sketch by Jimmy fallon and Miley cyrus is pretty good as well. Miley killed it.


Been a minute…

It’s funny, sometimes I get so anti-internet and social media. I think, why do I have a blog and feel the need to my thoughts into the world wide web and potentially take up people’s time (if they do choose to read this), but then I get really inspired by something or need to get a thought off of my chest and then find myself back here. It’s a very public, more colorful and censored diary I guess? (P.S. just took me 5 minutes to remember how to spell ‘censored’).

Love rambling…

I haven’t been up to a whole lot lately. Went to a few markets here and there, been baking a ton, went to my first Creative Mornings SD event, reading a lot, watched the entire season of Mindhunters…highly recommend, walking a lot, working on being content in silence (aka: not playing music every second there’s silence around me-I’m very bad at this) and pretty much just enjoying being aaliiivee ya know?

On a side note, some (seriously random) topics that have been on my mind a lot lately that I just neeeeed to write down somewhere to make note of personally. So don’t mind me…

  • Water + music + sunshine actually cure everything.
  • Astrology is 100% more legit than believing in a “God.” It’s severely underrated.
  • How stupidly easy veganism is.
  • People grossly mistaking positivity for naivety.
  • Why are people so open to learning about illnesses and relieving mental issues with pills and drugs, but aren’t open to learning about things that may expand the mind or take it to a higher level whether that be with meditation, marijuana, etc.?
  • Nobody ever ACTUALLY cares as much as you think they do. 
  • Nothing is ever one sided. Think analytically. If you don’t understand something, ask questions. Asking questions doesn’t mean you’re stupid…be vulnerable, ask and learn.
  • Putting yourself in the other person’s shoes when arguing and imagining what you look like from their perspective is a game changer.
  • Every action someone makes is a reflection of their own feelings and thoughts. Whether that be angry gestures, nervous ticks, an act of kindness…
  • Vulnerability is fucking admirable!! So much respect for that trait in people.

“Do you ever think about the things you think about?”

Fall sunsets are #lit.

Dad’s breakfast vs……
…my breakfast
First time going to a Creative Mornings SD!

Ended Sunday with some pho, and wine…to cure our colds.

I have a sweet tooth. Specifically after dinner it likes to come out and test my willpower to the ultimate extent.

Basic candy (aka: leftover halloween snickers, lollipops and twix) genuinely don’t do it for me anymore. I’ll eat it and be like, that was dumb why did I do that, I didn’t even enjoy it…I feel like these days my palate is craving real chocolate or dark berries with a drizzle of maple syrup, things along those lines. I’m even eating dried figs over candy these days. WHO AM I?

I had a really intense dark chocolate craving recently, but also a craving for something that I could chew (hi my name is Amanda and I’m a recovering gum addict…) and savor. So, dark chocolate protein date balls it was. I added protein powder to this because it helps keep me fuller longer, and also because these can come in handy before or after a workout if I don’t want a big snack.

Side note: these would be great gifts during the holiday’s if you wrapped them up really cute. 

These took me about 25 min total and I put them in the freezer to get that reeeaallly nice chewy effect.

(I also eye’d a lot of this stuff so have fun with it!)

2 cup dates (hello fiber for healthy bowel movements in the morning!!)

1/2 cup Almond butter (melt just a little beforehand)

1 Scoop of Vegan Protein powder (I love this brand)

1 Tablespoon each of Maca, Cacao, Cocoa (different from cacao!) and hemp Seeds

Tsp Melted coconut oil

1 cup Walnuts

1/3 cup dried coconut flakes

Several dashes of cayenne pepper

1.5 Tbsp Pumpkin Seeds

A little salt and cinnamon to taste


I can finally go to bed bundled up in warm pajamas and wake up and not be sweaty! Chilly weather is here and hopefully to stay because I miss the crispness of fall weather on the East Coast.

On Thursday, I hosted my first event as one of the Admin’s for this group I’ve been working for since middle of summer. The entire thing went really well so I’m pumped. We celebrated with (a lot of) wine and delicious GF pizza from Buona Forchetta, a really popular spot in SD, a must try if you visit.

Friday was very chill, went to Friday Night Liberty at Liberty Station where there was one of the most incredible sunsets i’ve seen in awhile (fall/winter sunsets are the best).

Saturday was really nice. I woke up to a text from my mom saying to meet her for coffee and acai bowls after her workout at this coffee shop in OB. So I walked from our house, about an hour, to OB Beans where we grabbed acai bowls and matcha lattes. We decided we’re going to make this a weekly thing because it’s good to sit down and just talk and get out of the house. Also, because this kid from Kauai works there that I secretly have been in love with since like 2010 looool. The rest of the day was spent reading, tanning, and starting the new season of Stranger Things.

Sunday was so lazy. I woke up, read for an hour, got sorta dressed and went to Target for about 2 hours (they have really good stuff right now btw). One of my favorite bras of all time is from target, it’s the brand Gilligan & O’malley. Afterwards, I came home (with my Venti soy latte, duh) and watched some more Stranger Things. Went to the gym at 4:30, came home and ate dinner, then didn’t fall asleep til 1:30 unfortunately.

Let me just say it’s so so nice to not go out for once haha. This weekend was super chill and I definitely needed it. So happy it’s getting colder (and darker outside) so I can fully embrace the “seasons” changing in California. Going this entire week without alcohol btw, join me if you want!

Feeling good and grateful!

When your partner loses the game and your pretend you’re not mad.

Dayum it’s been a minute since my last music post.

There’s quite a few tracks on this playlist ranging from chill to my workout music (towards the end of the playlist), but basicallyyyyyy: ODESZA’s new album is the shit (favs are: Boy, Falls, Across the Room, Corners of the Earth), Apartment by Bobi Andonov is so cool/badass/sexy…it’s amazing, and Bad at Love by Halsey are legitimately the only things I listen to right now.

Foster the People’s “Sit Next to Me” is pretty high up there as well.