It was my birthday on Monday!! My birthday was on a Monday so it pretty much looked like the pic above. Nothing has changed haha.

You would think that turning 23, with a college degree (that rhymed), living at home with no job tied down would be super stressful and anxiety-inducing. Well I would be ridiculous and truly kidding myself and whoever is reading this if I said it’s all peachy over here because it’s not!

I wouldn’t be a normal human being, especially in this day and age, if I told you I feel great about being jobless and living at home haha. BUT I will say that I’m extremely fortunate/grateful in that I can take my time in this job-hunting process I’m in right now and not rush into anything I’m not 100% percent sure I want to pursue.


I’ve realized that it honestly all comes down to not giving a flying you-know-what about what anyone else thinks about where I’m at in life and staying honest with myself. And not just saying “I don’t care what anyone else thinks” but truly believing it and living that motto out. I just came back from traveling for 3 months, so of course I’m going to be behind in the job department. And for whatever reason it’s finally setting in that that’s actually okay despite where other people are at.

I had dinner with some friends the other night where I was bouncing job ideas off of them (in a somewhat frantic banter now that I look back on it), telling them about my “Work” tab with over 100 jobs I’ve bookmarked over the past few weeks. It wasn’t until one of my friend’s mentioned that I should simply just take my time in the job process and not worry about it when I realized I need to chill out and that only I am creating this stressful weight on my shoulders to nail down a job like, tomorrow. I know for a fact this stress I create comes from a place inside where I see my friends working, making money, and also another place where I see how I’ve grown up extremely fortunate, surrounded by pretty successful people and have lived a pretty well-traveled/lived life so far. And so naturally, I want to match such success with whatever career I choose and what I end up doing with my life. Which you can see could be kinda stressful, ya? (I hope that all made sense…)

SO, if you’re in a similar kind of boat then my words of advice would be to just confirm with yourself that you know you’re on your right path, despite it being different from where maybe your friends or other colleagues are at! I hate that I’ve created this stress ball in the back of my mind that says I have no job therefore I am useless and not doing anything substantial. I’m gonna call BS on that. Even if I feel like I may not be where I want to be yet, it’s only a part of this big process! Duh. Everything that’s happening at this moment will play a part in where I eventually end up, even if it doesn’t seem relevant at the moment. WHAT I’M TRYING TO GET AT is that 23 is going to be the most exciting year yet and I cannot wait to see what the future holds.