Chard on chard on chard. We have so much chard you guys. The garden in the backyard (update coming soon btw) has been producing the most beautifulllll chard, and our weekly veggie box that gets delivered to our doorstep is filled with the stuff. So with the stuff taking up half the fridge I was like, Amanda what the hell are you going to do with all this chard??? First I thought maybe in a smoothie, which I tried. You could say it was unique…Then I thought I could use way more of it if I cooked it down a bit, kind of like any leafy greens when you put them in a pan and they shrink down to nothing. Then of course that wouldn’t fill me up nor have enough flavor, so I decided to top it off with three fried eggs and some leftover sweet potato fries. And lemme tell ya…I don’t think I could’ve created a better combo. SO satisfying (#1 key), filling, and most importantly: healthy healthy healthy! I ate this for lunch yesterday so especially for all of you “eggs are a breakfast food” believers I highly recommend trying this.

If any of you do try it let me know and I will no joke give you a shoutout on Instagram. Happy Friday beautiful peeps!

Fun fact: Chard is one of the first crops being grown in SPACE because of its insane and invaluable  nutrient properties.


3-5 large leaves of chard

3 Eggs

1 lemon

Coconut oil

1 tbsp Braggs liquid aminos

Small handful of chopped green onions

Salt & Pepper to taste

Sweet potato fries are optional


Simply cut up the chard, throw it in the pan with some coconut oil (makes the flavor a bit sweeter and amazing), add in the braggs aminos, onion and lemon juice. Once that’s done, place in a dish and fry your eggs. Once those are done, place on top of the chard and there you have it! EASSSYYY.

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