I’m Amanda, a 22 year old San Diego native and 2016 graduate of the College of Charleston in SC. Ever since graduating and working throughout college, I’ve saved up my money in order to pursue some of my bucket list travel destinations before heading out and being tied down to that #adultlife forever.

Besides being obsessed with traveling I am also a huge fan of nutrition, wellness trends (and debunking them), music, good food, soccer, blowpops, making people laugh, kombucha, & avocados.

I started this blog in August of 2016 and my main goal of this blog has and will remain the same I hope. Manda Elizabeth is meant to keep record of everything I do and everywhere I go. I also want it to be a platform where I can inform and teach people about topics/trends (mostly health-related) that I’m curious about and want others to know about!