Somehow fall is almost here, my brother has already left from his visit and I’ve officially been out of college for well over a year. How in the hell…

Time really does start to speed up as each year passes. I wish we were born with an innate sense that being kids is the best and most freeing time of our lives and to truly to take advantage of that fact. The great thing is that as kids, we already are living in the moment and doing so many fun things that it’s the reason why it feels like such a brief moment in our little timeline. With that being said, I think it’s definitely better to be that busy and enjoying life so much that time goes by quickly rather than the opposite where you dread each day and time feels standstill haha.

Anyways…we celebrated my mom’s birthday, Nick and Tori (his gf) buying a freakin house in NY, Labor day weekend in general, the hot hottttt weather we’ve been having and just enjoying being together with family and friends. Finally got out to surf on the hottest day ever and didn’t wear a wetsuit or anything the water and air were both so comfortable. We’ve definitely got it good over here…

Birthday girl in her element <3

Bike rides to Coronado…

San Diego and it’s shades of blue…

Man does it feel good to wake up to zero noise and no immediate obligations pulling at me this morning. I woke up at 8, turned on some Sinatra, made a pot of coffee and started a load of laundry. These are the best kind of mornings to reset and get reorganized. I am, however, going to miss having my sister and her hubby around to go to all of these cool places and be weirdos with. They left to go back to D.C. yesterday morning and my parents left for Kauai. Luckily this weekend visit from them triggered something inside me and I’m finally beginning to plan for some more trips in my future, no more putting it off. D.C, Charleston (!!), N.Y., Mexico, Kauai, Oregon are allllll at the top of my list right now. Something in the back of my head has been nagging at me to return to Charleston especially. I’m afraid I’ll go back and not want to return to San Diego. Definitely left a piece of my heart there.

Either way I’m excited to do some more exploring. Australia and New Zealand just weren’t enough I guess? I miss learning and connecting with people from all over. Also, nothing beats the east coast during the fall/changing of seasons. Legitimately getting giddy just sitting here typing that.

This past weekend involved lots of Health-Ade kombucha, walking, eating, working (got a new job!) and honestly just enjoying having family around. This upcoming week/weekend is going to be busy I can feel it, in a good way!

Ahh Fitzroy. I loved this little suburb. Grungy, hip, up-and-coming, trendy, dirty, cool, vibe-y.

Those are the best words I can think of to describe this neighborhood. And because I liked it a whole lot, I obviously took an unnecessary amount of pictures. So, this is going to be a mini glimpse into some street art/scenes/photos of the general area I was staying. I’ll get into more details later on…

DAY 5:

We woke up to a drizzly morning, grabbed breakfast at The Farm cafe in Pott’s Point, met a girl from the states who recently moved here with her husband (OH, AND SHE WAS CARRYING A CAVIAR AND BANANAS BAG WITH HER, like from Charleston, South Carolina, aka the place I ate lunch at every day during college…small world or what?), and listened to her go on and on about how it was the best decision of her life (it’s becoming harder and harder to convince myself of reasons not to move here at some point in my life). Afterwards, seeing that I forgot my cellphone and wallet back at the apartment, we walked home then headed out to catch a ferry to Manly Beach!

 Manly beach is where the locals/surfers chill, people come to escape bustling beaches, and hidden jungle bungalows line the waters’ edge. Aka: my heaven. I would gladly live there in a blink of an eye. Only about 25-30 minutes from Sydney Harbor. The shopping was good, not too expensive, the ferry ride alone was gorgeous, the streets are extremely walkable, and talk about laneways on laneways on laneways. And if you’re there, goooo to the Boathouse for lunch. So pretty and really really great food. The walk alone just to get there is gorgeous enough to convince anyone to go.

Current Time: 6:30pm

Current Location: My Airbnb in West End, Brisbane

P.S. Get ready for a lot of pictures.

It feels GOOD to be inside with my shoes off and a cold kombucha in my hand as i’m writing this, lemme tell ya. Despite the weather app predicting some rain this afternoon, it never happened, but it stayed nice and cool because of the partial cloud coverage which I’m grateful for. The low 80’s/high 70 degree weather has me feeling like I’m walking around Charleston during the early summer: #muggy&sweaty. Sundresses are what I live for though so I was chillin.

I started off the day (after falling asleep at 8pm and waking up at 5:30am…) by walking to breakfast at this cute little Nordic restaurant, Lokal + Co. where I had an egg on some quinoa toast and a “long black” coffee. I keep hearing this “long black” term thrown around when people order their coffee and I’ve never understood what it is! But basicall,y it’s a double espresso shot and you can order it with a splash of milk or whatever. I naively ordered two of those and was buzzing. Not mad about it though because I spent the rest of the morning/afternoon walking for 5 hours. I also asked the waitress how I should tip her and she sort of laughed, told me no one tips and to not worry about it the rest of my time here. Amazing because tipping is such a B.

After breakfast I quickly went back to my room to grab my camera, then headed out the door towards Queensland’s Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA). SO COOL YOU GUYS. The museum, art gallery, and cultural center are all right there so I was hopping from one to the other for 3.5 hours. Oh, and they’re right along the river so the views were gorgeous with lush plants surrounding you everywhere you go. The museum is at the very end of the Parklands along the river so it was a perfect starting point to walk once I was done with the museums.

I ended museum hopping with a glass of rose and salad at their cafe. So nice and in such a relaxed area it was just what I needed.  I eventually wandered along the water (going on a long walk/run there tomorrow because holy beautiful!) went on the ferris wheel, walked through Musgrave park, got some coffee up the street and now I’m here! Trying to figure out where to grab a light dinner because it’s now already 8 and I’m starting to get a lil hungry. The only downside here is that there’s no local grocery store open late! It’s super weird to me. Probably going to grab a spicy tuna roll from the hole in the wall sushi place around the corner and then pass out at 9. I’m pooped.

Don’t hate on my embarrassing timed #ootd selfie, okaaaayyyy?
On the way to breakfast

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