The last 2 sleeps of our trip were spent in Papeete, Tahiti. As mentioned in my previous Tahiti post, Malea and I legit winged it and booked this Airbnb the day before and pretty much hoped for the best.

Took the ferry in the afternoon after beaching it for a bit in Moorea. Grabbed a giant waffle we’d seen other people order and split that between the four of us on the way over. It was goOooooOd. 

Malea and I went separate ways, hoping to meet up with Megan and Jenny again later that night for dinner. We perused the market down the street from the ferry landing before our Airbnb host picked us up. They love their Monoi Tiare Coconut Oil. And I understand fully. The stuff tans you in about an hour…Probably really good for that no-wrinkle look I aspire to on the daily, you know?

So, to keep it short and sweet, after a quick 10 minute drive we arrived at our Airbnb. And guys……We were shoooooocked. No idea that we’d book a friggin oasis paradise that had everything we could’ve ever dreamt of, and only about 5 minutes from the airport. Just take a look:

This Airbnb..we had no words. We started laughing because like how did we get so lucky after booking this less than 24 hours ago. And pretty damn cheap. Wow wow wowooow.

We ended up grabbing groceries down the road (Vatea-our Airbnb host- drove us everywhere. Sooo nice of him.) and we made pasta and chilled on the balcony. Had an early night so we could enjoy the entire day before Malea left the following night.

Woke up the next day and worked out on the balcony.

Jumped in the water (after seeing a shark casually feeding about 20 yards away, it’s fiiiiine).

The boys who kinda hang out at Vatea’s house ended up detaching this party boat/float thingy and anchoring it out on the sandbar all day. So cool. We just tanned and kayaked a bit the entire afternoon. 

Later on we met up with Megan and her mom who had just gotten in at the Intercontinental. Loic, one of Vatea’s friends, drove us into town and then to the hotel. Everyone is so nice it’s crazy.

We pretty much snuck in, ordered $24 mai tai’s with everyone, eventually walked back to Megan’s room where we took shots and wanted to die (but also not about to blow all my money on a drink soooo), then proceeded to tan, casually met one of the DJ’s for Future which was kinda crazy, and left around 4:30 when Loic picked us up.

*loves alcohol*

The rest of the night was spent chilling on the balcony with the guys watching the sunset. Rainuii actually met up with us later on which was fun. Had a quick night swim, then sent Malea off to the airport around 10pm.

Kilian, Loic, Rainuii

The next day was spent cruising around on the boat.

I left that night to head back to Kauai for a few days. I have to say that these last 2 days were some of the best of the entire trip. Meeting Loic and his friends, going on the boat, the Airbnb, talking story with the locals…It all just came together so perfectly in the end. And to think we were supposed to have rain the entire trip. Dang. Everyone needs to have experiences like this at some point in their life. Not my last time to Tahiti that is for dayum sure.

These were the next few days while we were still in Mo’orea. Sooo about 4 more days until we went back to Pape’ete (the main island).






Malea, thriving again.
It was a topless-tanning kinda beach, ok???



Funniest picture of the entire trip.
“I need something heavy”

Figured since it’s not February until tomorrow I still have time to get this 2017-referenced post up.

These are my homies, bff’s, OG’s, can’t-live-without products of 2017. Pretty sure I used every single one of these just about every day last year and will continue to do so in 2018. 

1 | If you haven’t gotten on the “Calm” magnesium powder train yet then you better get on it. Makes you sleep like a literal rock and dream the weirdest dreams it’s amazing.

2 | Best investment ever. You could probably throw diamonds in the Vitamix and it’d turn into a diamond soup.

3 | 2017 was the year that I took my water consumption and plastic waste reduction efforts up a level. Hydroflask bottles are 100% a must in my life. OR just any reusable water bottle that actually makes you want to drink water because you feel like a badass drinking out of this stainless steel super slick water bottle. Just me?

4 | Ahhh Biozymes. 2 Before bed and 2 first thing in the morning to get those good digestive enzymes on fleek. AMAZING for traveling since that tends to screw up your digestion, and we all know that digestion is the 2nd brain of our bodies so yeeeees plz. Gimme gimme more.

5 | GUYS. This brand, Deciem, is going to blow the eff up. Highest quality skincare ingredients at the cheapest prices. It’ll make you scratch your head but it’s legit, trust me. The company is very authentic in it’s branding and the CEO is always on instagram talking to his audience and is just very hands on which makes it that much more legit and believable. This is what I’ve been using everyday and I’ve noticed the biggest difference in my complexion. I’m not turning back. Got lots of skin compliments in 2017 just sayin…

6 | My fitness regimen in 2017 was predominantly plyometric-based, which meant a lot of jumping around and overall flailing all over the place with body weight moves. So, to say that these headphones were a complete game changer still doesn’t give them as much credit as they deserve in my book. PLUS, they died on me once and I just sent them in and got a brand new pair for free so they have an amazing exchange policy which I appreciate. And no, they’ve never fallen out once no matter what the workout. I love them so much you guys.

7 | This sunscreen is bae. It blurs out imperfections on my face right as I put it on, it’s amazing underneath makeup, and it’s organic/chemical-free/mineral-based. I genuinely believe that most skin cancer is caused these days by the chemicals in sunscreens and people using it recklessly on a daily basis. That shit goes straight into your bloodstream. The more natural the better please.

8 | Of all the natural deodorants I tried in 2017, from sprays to pastes you apply with your fingers, this Ursa Major Brand came out the winner by a million miles. 

9 | I workout a lot so this little device I keep in my shower has saved my life. Use it just about every day. Feet feeling like a baby’s butt.

10 | Thank you mom for introducing me to this mascara because for days when I don’t wear eyeliner or shadow but still want long lashes without the hassle of taking off makeup with remover (aka the less I touch my eye area creating wrinkles) it has been a life saver. Just throw some water on your eyes and they mascara just rolls off, leaving no residue to clean. BLESS UP.

11 | Balances hormones, regulates stress/pms levels, lowers sugar + cholesterol levels,balances libido, increases energy, boosts mood, brain clarity, mental alertness, circulation, supports optimal organ function, protects against DNA damage, promotes anti-aging + longevity, and so on. I put “Wahine” in my coffee and then “Cleanse” in my water from Naikela Botanicals To give you an idea, Wahine contains: Cacao, Peppermint, Moringa, Turmeric, Chaste Tree Berry, Tulsi, Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Angelica, Polynesian Spinach, FoTi, Stevia. Adding tiny superfood additions into my diet has benefited me in so many ways it’s insane. I can’t preach enough that everyone should be including or at least open to learning about adaptogens. Just going to leave that there and you do the learning for yourself.



After Christmas, I left for Tahiti on January 6th from Kauai and was there until the 13th. My friend Megan, from college, invited me somewhat last minute because she was there for work so I said hell to the yes. Why not. My best friend even decided to come. Our plan was to be in Mo’orea for 5 days (the island right off of Tahiti), and then back to Papeete for the last 2 days. The weather, according to the weather app, was looking pretty depressing so I was mentally preparing myself for a lot of rain and indoor activities.

My flight landed around 9:30 pm in Papeete and I was greeted by live music and warmth, not just from the temperature outside, but the people. Every single person was smiling and so happy walking off the airplane. Even I couldn’t stop grinning the entire night even after a long flight + rain. Families greeted their loved ones outside the arrival gate and it was as if they’d been gone for years or something. It just made me so happy!! Good vibes about this place the moment I stepped off.

Bought vodka at the duty free, found a cab hoping they’d take U.S. dollars, arrived at the Tiare Hotel, realized wifi was definitely not free and the TV had no english speaking channels, so I went straight to bed.

The next day I took the 8:30am ferry to Mo’orea. Keep in mind, I still haven’t been able to communicate with Megan since yesterday so we’re both kind of just hoping everything goes smoothly/I show up in Mo’orea at the time we talked about haha. I was supposed to meet up with Rainuii, Megan’s friend/my ride on the ride over, but didn’t see him once so I was a teeeeensie bit stressed. As I was getting off the ferry I felt a tap on my shoulder and it was him! 30 minute drive later and we were at the Airbnb. 

If you put Indonesia + Kauai (Hanalei side) into one little island, that would be how I’d describe Mo’orea. So lush and the roads were way more paved than I was expecting haha.

Greeted with mimosas by Megan, Jenny (her friend) and Malea and some local kittens(!!!) before walking down our path to the beach. It was cloudy but not raining which was all that mattered to me. Just happy to be here. We drank Hinano on the beach, swam, listened to Rainuii play the ukulele, met Hereiti and her brother, then cooked dinner at home. Proceeded to have a long night of drinking games and attempts at communicating with the French speaking locals with “What do you meme.” Definitely made it that much more entertaining and fun.



Just a daily dose of comedic relief for you on this fine Wednesday…

The Californian’s is alllllll time. Kills me everytime. The bloopers are the best part.