It’s (barely) starting to get chilly in SD which means more cozy sweaters, yummy candles, holiday events and creating new routines to fit the changing seasons.

I’ve been making it a point to read no less than 20 minutes a day, stick my feet in the sand at least once a week and to genuinely take good care of my body both mentally and physically (hence the reading). The best routines involve some sort of growth mentally and physically in my opinion. Lots of greens, being outside, staying positive…you get the picture.

I know October has just started, but I think every single thing on this list has been used multiple times already. Even Artifact Uprising…

  1. The Jeans I get most compliments on and are SO comfortable. (They’re on sale!)
  2. Anthropologie has the best dainty rings right now. I recently bought some similar to these on sale and have been wearing them errday.
  3. This one is funny because I got it in 2015 when getting makeup trials done for my sisters wedding. Such a dewy and cool-toned beautiful highlighter for fall in my opinion. (Plus it has safe ingredients)
  4. I’ve been really really loving LEON’s new album. “No Goodbye’s” is on repeat.
  5. This friggin nail polish…”Black Cherry Chutney” I’m pretty sure is what I got. It’s such a deep and beautiful dark maroon/brown color and screams fall to me.
  6. This phone case with the screen protector has actually saved me and my wallet an embarrassing amount of times.
  7. Artifact Uprising is such an amazing (and affordable) site to create little photo albums for yourself, or as gifts from your instagram or personal photos…I’ve already used it 3 times over the past two months…Going to be great for the holiday season.

I came home October 1st from a 12 day East Coast trip that started in NY, and ended up in Charleston, SC.

This was one of those trips I know I needed because I came home feeling unusually more refreshed, and inspired than I ever have. Even more so, I came home with this insane desire to reach out to people, socialize and just be this social butterfly/extrovert for whatever reason. It was even weirder because this “desire” was 100% confirmed almost immediately upon landing in San Diego. I started hearing unexpectedly from multiple old friends, getting random invites to things, being presented with fun opportunities and so on. I’d also keep having these totally random coincidences. For example, I’d be listening to an artist I’ve been really loving, then be drawn to look them up on instagram or whatever, casually creeping the artist, and what do you know…they were playing in San Diego that night (true story). NBD. Just random stuff like that all.the.time these past few weeks, which never happens to me! At least not this frequently.

I won’t go into all the details of all the weird things, but it’s been sort of insane. So of course I had to look into all of this and make some sort of sense of what the hell was happening. Like maybe there’s a legitimate reason behind why the universe is doing something funky this month and aligning these stars way more than usual.

So here I am this past Friday, typing into google:”Gemini October 2017 Horoscope weird things happening.” Yes, that is what I searched. Because it obviously doesn’t get more legit than online horoscopes, right? I began reading my horoscope for this month (Gemini), which is something I never ever do, and I’m not kidding you…I actually laughed out loud because of the accuracy. I don’t even know how to explain it. Something was nagging me to look into what the universe was doing to me, leading me to this article to understand why I’ve felt like the spotlight has oddly been on me for the past few weeks. And you have to understand that I’m never in the spotlight (don’t really love it) so obviously I was like what is going on, and this horoscope…was beyond on point. Freakishly on point. This all sounds dramatic I know…but like woah, dawg.


Read it for yourself if you’re curious, or check out your own horoscope and see if it aligns with experiences you’ve been having recently. Do any of you guys believe in horoscopes/astrology??



I’m always inspired by music, nature and people.

I have been following Claire Michelle (plantifulsoul) for a while now and she really inspires me to follow my intuition, let unnecessary things go, release negativity, and trust the “process” in all things. The video “my sanctuary” and it’s shots of Kauai (where she lives and is living my dream life) are spot on, and for whatever reason I really resonate with just about everything in it. Exploring barefoot, waking up to the sound of the birds/insects, the stillness of the entire island, UGH. It’s such a simple but fulfilling lifestyle that I feel myself yearn for constantly. One day one day…..

The last two are live covers that I am obsessed with.

  1. I LOVE Dua Lipa. Her voice is incredible. Not to mention Gallant. Amazing duo.
  2. SZA’s music has been on repeat since her new album, so that plus Alessia Cara is just all sorts of #yass.


Just something I thought was pretty interesting and a little disturbing if you think about for too long. I’m not against consumerism because our economy needs it, but I think Americans could tone down how much and what exactly it is we’re consuming.

If everyone lived like my dad for instance (still love ya!), where he loves to impulse-buy so much random crap that eventually loses its value after the first 2 days (hi lifesize cardboard cutouts of Clint Eastwood and John Wayne…), I couldn’t even imagine if all of America consumed like that. Especially now with Amazon and the overall accessibility of basically whatever you desire at your fingertips. The amount of unnecessary waste alone that comes from packaging for just the smallest of things (I definitely needed those tweezers shipped today because hi Amazon Prime) is kind of mind boggling. That stuff doesn’t just disappear after we throw it away! Sooo much waste. Think about it!

I am trying to be a more mindful consumer and live a more simple life because it makes me feel better, especially mentally. Less stuff = less mental clutter and the ability to focus on more important things. This even goes for non-physical things like netflix, instagram, facebook, youtube, etc. The time that is wasted, plus taking in so much info makes me feel anxious after a while and that is no bueno.


Hey look another generic pasta sauce recipe!!! #SORRYNOTSORRY.

Currently for the tomatoes that are abundant in Southern California right now. So juicy and sweet I would be doing a disservice if I didn’t make a pasta sauce.

I came up with something on the whim when I noticed I had a ton of these tomatoes that were about to go bad that turned out SO savory and sweet. The combination of herbs I put in it this time were a bit different than usual which definitely attributed to its friggin incredible taste this time around. Now go make this bombass sauce:


5-6 (juicy AF) heirloom tomatoes

1 can organic diced tomatoes

1 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar

Small handful of fresh parsley + cilantro + basil

1 Green Bell Pepper

Tsp Cayenne pepper

Juice of 1 lemon

2 shakes of cumin powder + dried oregano

1/2 cup of chopped red onion

Organic no-salt seasoning

Salt & Pepper to taste

The trick: Don’t be afraid to keep adding in basil, cilantro and parsley. The more the better!!


  • Heat up the tomatoes, canned tomatoes, garlic, basil, parsley, cilantro and lemon in a pot until bubbling.
  • Stick into blender with everything else (might have to do in halves if too much for your blender)
  • Stick into mason jars, let cool outside of the fridge for an hour.