Fitzroy was our next stop after a few days in St. Kilda. It’s funny how much of a difference in scenery/vibe a 20 minute drive can make. We felt like we’d just entered an entirely different state of Australia, it was so much different from the little beachy town of St. Kilda. Definitely more grungy and hipster that’s for sure. Still a really walkable area and with a ton of food spots and little hidden gems (which is my favorite kind of thing) that were really fun to discover. It was also a super easy walk to Melbourne and the stadium and various parks surrounding the area, so I can see the allure of little Fitzroy. Definitely one of my favorite little suburbs.

Where we stayed: This airbnb which was SO cute and in the heart of it all. Highly recommend!

Favorites Food Spots: Young Blood, Oxford Larder, Shop Ramen, Serotonin Eatery, Horse on Heels, South of Johnston, Proud Mary, Archies All Day, Chin Chin (In the CBD)

 Other: Walk up and down: Brunswick, Smith and Johnston Street, and don’t be afraid to check out the side streets cause there are so many hidden bars and cafes in the area (ie: Hell of the North Bar, Pavlov’s Duck Cafe, Addict Food and Coffee, and sooooo many more. Head to Rose street and grab coffee at Industry beans (amazing coffee) and browse Rose Street Market! OH and get the best food/snacks/organic things at Aunt Maggies. So frickin cute.


“NIcks” because it was my brother Nick’s Birthday hehehe

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