…and have been for the past 2 weeks actually. I have had hardly any wifi and time to keep daily posts going but as you can sort of tell, I’ve been trying to push out day-to-day accounts of everything so I…

  1. Don’t forget the details as time passes, and
  2. To keep things on a proper timeline on the blog in general so it flows well.

HOWEVER, I feel like I should give whoever reads this an update as to where I am currently at as of Monday, April 10th (to be exact, ya know..):

I just arrived yesterday at my second airbnb in Ponsonby, Auckland, NZ. I was in one a few blocks away for about a week before bussing down to visit my Aunt a few hours away, and now am back to fully soak in this cute area until I leave NZ!

I leave to go to Kauai on a redeye on the 17th as a little (ish) layover rather than an 18 hour flight straight home to San Diego. I’m both extremely ready to not live out of a suitcase anymore, but at the same time I know the moment I get back to CA I’m immediately going to be missing everything about this place and Australia. I’ll be doing a full recap on my thoughts/feelings once I’m back home because I definitely have a lot to go on about. Can’t believe I’ve been traveling for almost a month and a half now. wowowowww.

A little preview from the past few days visiting my aunt and cousins: