There is one little beach neighborhood in San Diego that’s pretty unique and close to my heart. It brings the hippiest of hippies,  families, Point Loma natives, the health-concious, and it’s a place where being barefoot is very much welcomed. I’ve spent a lot of days at the beach here, strolling up and down Newport Avenue, and browsing the weekly farmers market. If you ever find yourself in this special little niche of San Diego called Ocean Beach, embrace it and only bring your good vibes because that’s what the little town thrives on.

If you’re visiting, I’ve created the list below containing everything I highly recommend:

Some extra highlights from some of my personal favorites from the list above and places I’ve been going to since I was little:

Wednesday Farmer’s Market

Every Wednesday down in Ocean Beach is their farmer’s market (my favorite) that I’ve been going to since I was a little kid.


Now this place I’ve literally been going to since I was in my mom’s womb. Their albondigas soup, taco salad, huevos rancheros (I die), hot carrots, and enchiladas are some of the best I’ve ever had. Let’s just say the day this place goes out of business or shuts down for some reason, is a day I never want to experience.

OB Pier

Beside’s Birdshit rock (that’s what we call it), the pier is one of the iconic OB trademarks. You can watch the Junior Lifeguard’s jump off of it during the summer as you munch on food from the cafe at the end.


I’m pretty sure every girl that lives in the San Diego/Point Loma area has shopped here at least once in their life. The crammed walking space inside doesn’t even phase me because of how much great stuff they always have.


Alright guys. IF you want the best sub sandwich you’ll ever eat, then do yourself a favor and go here. And come hungry. I don’t go here as much anymore but when I was younger with that good ol’ soccer metabolism, I used to come here allllll the time and pick up either a Turkey or Meatball sub (with a ton of jalapeños on the side).

OB Antique Mall

This local antique store actually has such great stuff. I got a vintage mirror tray that I still use today to put my makeup/jewelry on from this place a while back. If you like vintage/antique goods then stroll through the isles of this place because you won’t be disappointed.

Little Lion Cafe




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