It’s 12:01pm on Sunday the 16th here in Ponsonby, NZ. Just ate a late breakfast at Foxtrot Cafe in Ponsonby Central and will be leaving for the airport in about 5 hours (despite the fact my flight is at midnight). Listening to these two waiters on their lunch break sitting next to me speaking very rapidly in French about something pretty intriguing it sounds like. I’ve had to walk to Ponsonby Central (20 min from my place), a cute area with multiple food vendors/restaurants with outside seating and what not, every day for the past 4 days to use their wifi.

Fun story:

I was extremely inpatient with the constant slow connection to the (actually extremely good) wifi in my Airbnb. SO, I had a super super smart idea!! Unplug and reset the wifi device and pray that the connection would quickly connect and speed up, duhhhhh! 

Nope. NO. no nonononoooooo. 

About 2 hours after trying literally everything I could think of (without using up my phone data), I failed.  had gone from really good wifi that would take forever to connect to my computer, to absolutely nothing at all. Something I should’ve just let alone in the first place. Basically I created my little den into a wifi-less sanctuary that kinda made me feel trapped because I was so disconnected from everything.

Anyways, on the bright side, this allowed me to understand how attached to wifi and being connected to everyone and everything in general I really am. No casually checking Instagram, Facebook, gmail, watching Netflix, browsing and planning what I’d be doing the next day, etc. And I thought I was pretty low key about that stuff before. Looooooool.

I also was able to actually read and finish the book I’d bought on the first day of traveling in the San Diego airport. A BOOK I’D HAD FOR OVER A MONTH. And it was really good!! The past 4 days I have made myself coffee every morning in the provided french press, opened the blinds, and would sit down and read for over an hour. It was really friggin nice. I didn’t have that little thing in the back of my head anymore telling me I should be checking in on Insta/mindlessly browsing the internet for no reason because that wasn’t even an option anymore. Afterwards I would just kind of walk around, through the reserves and parks in the area. Not a bad way to spend my last days here.

I can’t wait to be in a familiar place with familiar faces and having service again. I miss people! (who am i??) Also cannot wait to see friends and plan more exciting stuff (whatever that may be) when I’m home. YAY!! See you soon, Kauai. <3

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