I haven’t had a manicure (gel to be specific) go by without the thought in my head of what the hell I’m putting on my nails that allows them to last so long. And even scarier, every time I have gotten a gel mani for the past 2 years or so, my nails burn so badly when they go under that fluorescent light. So I’ve finally sat down to figure out A.) What causes this, B.) What are the ingredients and C.) What these are doing to my body, if anything.

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Does it puzzle anyone else why people still choose to drink diet drinks?? (Not to mention normal soda, too) Like it genuinely baffles me! Even after all of the research that is put out there and the studies that have shown us that the term “diet” in front of any food or drink, is straight up fooling you.


If you’re looking to sweeten a drink, it’s always better to go the natural route. Your body will recognize it more than these artificial chemicals that it doesn’t know how to process! Anything sweet in general should always be taken in moderation of course. If you’re ever confused about what to use, just ask yourself which one is the most nature-derived. The more closely a product is sourced from nature/plants/the earth the better it will be for you and easier for your body to process. Plus some even have health benefits such as honey and it’s inflammatory-fighting powers for example.


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