Alright so I had an absurd amount of veggies leftover after my parents left for Kauai a few days ago, and  I was trying to figure out what I could make in bulk that could incorporate a lot of what I had in the fridge. PLUS, I had just run out of hummus, soooo I created this throw-everything-you-have-into-the-blender-with-garbanzo-beans-and-hope-it-tastes-good HUMMUS.

And it turned out suuuuuh good. I’ve made hummus previously but this batch was better than anything i’ve ever done. Now go and make it yourself!:


– Handful fresh basil

– Fresh Parsley (about half a handful)

– 1 can organic garbanzo beans (rinsed)

– 1 Tbsp fresh grated garlic

– Juice of 1 lemon

– pinch of cayenne

– Salt and pepper

– 1/2 Green Bell Pepper

– 1/2 Poblano pepper

– Tsp Cumin

– Tsp Dried Cilantro

– 2 Green Onion stems

– Drizzle of Avocado Oil

I don’t care how much hype smoothie bowls have been getting over the past year or whatever. You just can’t go wrong with them and the options are truly endless okay?! And the humidity level in SD right now is ridiculous and has me craving something cooling and crisp.

Just wanted to share my basic go-to because why not and it’s SO good and full of nutrients. Got my greens, healthy fats, protein, probiotics and adaptogens to make me a little more zen after that cup (or two) of coffee I just drank.

Base Ingredients:

Handful spinach + kale

1.5 Celery Sticks

1/2 Banana

1/2 cup Blueberries

1 Tbsp Lemon Juice

Pinch of fresh cilantro

Dash of cayenne, maca powder, cinnamon, chia seeds, vitamineral green powder

1 Scoop Orgain Plant Protein Powder


Frozen Blueberries

Hemp Seeds

GF Granola

(I added a teeeeenie bit of coconut/almond nut butter)


I feel like everything was going on this week/weekend in San Diego…

  • Opening Day at the Del Mar Racetrack
  • Comic-con
  • Pride Festival
  • Friends were in town
  • Mom is in Kauai, aka: me taking care of Dad (lol)
  • Babysitting
  • Meetings and Calls with my new employer
  • Creating proposals and projects  for my new position

Sooo much going on! But in the best way. You know how that is sometimes where things start to hit a plateau, then boom the wheels start moving real quick and you have to adjust quickly or else you’ll fall behind? That was this past week for me. Even today, it’s only 2 and I’ve accomplished a ton of stuff that was on my to-do list.

Back to the weekend recap though. Friday I spent babysitting and spent the night in. Saturday was all about relaxing, getting organized with the new job, ate dinner with dad and later went out to meet up with a friend who was visiting from NY. Such a fun night.

Sunday was spent recovering going to the gym, working a bit, and ending the day with a picnic on Shelter island with my dad and some Tender Greens. Perfect Sunday if ya ask me…

Let me just explain my definition of a #MajorKey: staples that I have been using since I can remember that never disappoint and can’t live without. 

Which brings me to today’s topic and something that everyone needs in their life: A.C.V., aka Apple Cider Vinegar. This magical little liquid is truly my saviour in regards to all things digestion and keepin’ things balanced. Not a health fad, this stuff is legit.

Feeling inflamed: ACV

Ran out of probiotics?: ACV

Under the weather?: ACV

Have a pimple?: ACV

Constipated?: AC-friggin-V babaaayyyy

I don’t care how gross it smells or tastes (you get over that after a while of using it, especially if you mix it with some lemon.), because the benefits and the way it makes you feel is absolutely worth it. And I haven’t been using it for only a few days or anything. I’ve been using this for the past 3 years.  Every morning I put a shot of it in my 32oz water bottle with half a squeeze of lemon and chug that down before anything else in the morning.

It cleans me out, reduces my morning puffiness, and gives me energy. All before having my first cup of jo. 


How I use it:

  1. Morning detox tonic: a shot of lemon juice + juice of half a lemon + 32oz of water
  2. Salad Dressing: blend up some lemon juice + dash of ACV + salt/pepper + basil + tsp of honey + olive oil
  3. Toner/Acne-reducer: use a cotton ball and spread it over face
  4. Take a shot of it before bed if i’ve had a lot of carbs/sugar

Note the “plant-based” reference. Cue the eye rolls every time I say I’m vegan…so, as much as I wish it didn’t have a stigma around the term, it really really does. Plant-based is harder to argue against and people generally respond more positively to it.

I didn’t want to go meatless initially. I was ready to turn the other shoulder and say eh, I’ll be fine, because I am my mother’s daughter and I looovvee and grew up on chicken and flank steak. But when you constantly keep hearing negative things about animal products and the meat/dairy industry, then I would be ignorant not to at least look into it. I’m always open to change if need be, and hearing both sides to something. Not everything is always what it seems on the in the news these days and traditional thinking and habits aren’t always the best method.

Just to preface this: I have also been Gluten and Dairy-Free for as long as I can remember. My mom has celiac disease, therefore I don’t eat much gluten in our house anyways. Dairy makes me mucous-y, which I take as a sign of inflammation, so bye-bye dairy.

| #1 |

To be honest, I credit social media influencers for the beginning stages of me converting to a plant-based diet. Especially Rich Roll’s podcast and Amelia Whelan (she is freakin’ glowing, no?!). I also credit growing up in Kauai and learning so much about health and wellness from just living there a few weeks out of the years.

Vegan Influencers

| #2 |

The health reasons are reason number two. I know (I mean I’ve lived it after all…) that people can live with meat in their diets. That’s not the point for me. The point for me is that that by cutting out animal products from my diet, I can live more optimally. If cutting out meat and dairy means a potentially longer life, preventing disease, and also helping the environment (food + land waste +pollution) then hell yes. It honestly comes down to just being the best version of myself and treating the one body as best I can.

| #3|

The ethics, politics and sustainability of our planet/growing population played a huge factor in going plant-based. Ethically, after researching both sides of the animal industry and how they are treated (even grass-fed, etc.) and the science that has proven that these mammals feel just as much as humans, how can someone not find that a little horrible. Politically, these large meat factories and dairy industries are pure politics and are out to make big $$$. To me that means they are willing to disregard the health of the people and do what it takes to pump out as much as they can and quickly. Sustainably in the sense that the amount of food needed to feed livestock and the amount of waste they produce is pretty absurd. Not to mention the land needed to raise these animals in the factories.

“The standard diet of a person in the United States requires 4,200 gallons of water per day (for animals’ drinking water, irrigation of crops, processing, washing, cooking, etc.). A person on a vegan diet requires only 300 gallons a day.”

| #5 |

Last but not least, I always come back to these 2 things:

  1. There is no way meat used to be this accessible back in the day. We used to typically have to hunt for it and work to eat a large animal. Whereas now, the options are endless and constantly flowing. That to me, is not natural for our bodies. It also raises the question of how much processing truly goes into making meat so readily available for literally millions of people.
  2. Why should we be drinking milk from a cow if it is used to raise a baby calf to grow into a 2,000 pound animal? How does that make any sense to put into our bodies? And isn’t there a reason we are weened off of breast milk after a certain age? So odd.